How do I create a quote in the legacy Android app?

  • Log on to the Onsight app from your Home dashboard
  • Tap on the Catalogue icon that appears at the top of your Home screen
  • Tap on a product category
  • Tap on the “+” button next to the images of the Products you want to add to your cart
  • Tap on the Cart icon found in the top right-hand side of your screen
  • Check that the contents and quantities in the Cart are correct then proceed to tap on the Create Quote button at the bottom of your Cart. If you are not happy with your selection (s), simply tap on Clear Cart or Cancel to either restart or revise your quote
  • Select a customer from the list provided or search for a specific customer using the search field provided
  • Onsight automatically generates a quote number for you to use. You can also add your own unique reference number in the ‘Quote Reference’ field provided.
  • To add a signature simply tap on ‘Capture Signature’ and sign using either your finger or a stylus and then tap ‘Save’.
  • If any extra information needs to be added regarding the quote, use the Notes section provided.
  • Check that all of the quote information has been entered correctly and then tap ‘Save’ (in the top right-hand corner of the screen) to save the quote.
  • If you are online, the quote will be sent out immediately. If you are offline, the app will wait till you are online again to sync and send out the quote.

This article applies to the legacy Onsight app. We recommend that you install and use the new Onsight app that is also available in the app store. Log into the app store and search for “Onsight B2B Sales App”.