The Onsight Configure Price Quote (CPQ) app allows your sales reps to configure complex products to generate quotes and orders for your customers. The CPQ product configurator wizard will take them through the entire process of configuring the product step-by-step. The end result is a customised product with a perfectly calculated price.

CPQ app for tractors
CPQ app for motorcycles

CPQ software features

  • Generate quotes and orders for complex products
  • Reps use a product configurator wizard to build up the quote / order
  • Easily configure product options and pricing in the admin tool
  • Enforce compulsory fees and charges
  • Require manager approvals

Speed up your sales process

The Onsight CPQ app can help speed up the generation of quotes and sales proposals for complex products. It also ensures that the quoted prices are accurate.

  • New sales reps can easily be guided through the sales process
  • Product configuration rules ensure that the product specification is always correct
  • Automatically apply discounting rules
  • Automatically apply extra fees and charges
CPQ app for boats
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