Catalogue app for homeware distributors

The Onsight product catalogue app allows manufacturers and distributors of furniture, home decor products and home accessories to showcase their items in a visually-rich electronic product catalogue. The catalogue app can be used for onsite visits with customers as well as for tradeshows. Apart from the catalogue, the app also supports the creation of sales quotes and sales orders.

Catalogue app for homeware distributors

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Creating a product catalogue app for your homeware business is as easy as:

Bulk upload

Upload your product details and images

Download the app

Sales reps & customers download the app to their phone or tablet

Capture orders

Reps and customers browse your high-quality product images and full product descriptions

Product Catalogue

  • Easy-to-manage electronic catalogue.
  • Bulk update product and pricing changes.
  • Showcase your products using hi-res images.
  • Include full product specs and descriptions.
  • Can also be used to create sales quotes or sales orders.
  • Works on iPhones, iPads and all Android devices.
  • Works offline.
Product catalogue app

What our homeware clients are saying

"Onsight allows me to update my product line at any time."

Sacha Alagich
Founder, Escape to Paradise

"I found the app a very useful tool in showcasing my product range."

Siggi Helgason
Owner, Aurora Experience Inc

"Onsight really enables me to propel my business in terms of professional presentation."

Rachel Canada
Owner and Artist
United States

"Onsight saves us time and money...we have cut down on sending samples by almost 75%."

Heather Cotie
Product Ambassador, Sarafino

Escape to paradise Case Study

Escape to Paradise

Australian Flag

Escape to Paradise designs and distributes luxury home decor items and clothing accessories to help bring that holiday feeling to people in their daily lives. This rapidly-growing company needed a way to send up-to-date copies of their product catalog to their agents and distributors spread all across Australia and New Zealand.

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Danish Flag

KopCup is a Danish small business that was established in 2005 by graphic designer Karen Skotte-Lund. KopCup produces unique handcrafted graphic ceramics as well as beautiful jewelry pieces. Karen needed a trade show app that would allow her to show off and sell her wide range of KopCup products without having to transport her entire range to each show.

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Kopcup Case Study
Anna Chandler Design

Anna Chandler Design


Anna Chandler Design specializes in vibrant and colorful homeware including ceramics and tableware, created by experienced decorative artist Anna Chandler. Anna's creations draw inspiration from various world cultures, but especially those found in the Mediterranean. The company has various distributors worldwide and needed a way for their sales reps and ambassadors to easily showcase the company's designs via a personal, hands-on approach.

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