Onsight and NetSuite

The Onsight order entry app empowers your outside sales reps to create and submit orders faster. Sales reps can manage their customer information, showcase products, create quotes and place orders - from anywhere.

If you use NetSuite, then we can offer a custom integration between Onsight and NetSuite. With the integration, the latest product information, pricing information and customer information will flow from NetSuite to the Onsight app. The app can then be used by your outside sales team to generate orders and quotes whilst on the road, even when offline. Afterwards the orders are automatically sent to NetSuite where they can be processed and invoiced.

The Onsight mobile sales app can connect to your NetSuite system to improve your sales process.

NetSuite Isometric

Connecting Onsight to NetSuite gives you these benefits:

  • Show your reps the latest product info and pricing info from NetSuite
  • Get the latest customer info onto your reps' tablets
  • Instantly send your customers' sales orders into NetSuite for quick processing
  • No more manual entry of sales orders

Start your 30 day trial of Onsight. Once your Onsight account has been set up we can discuss the integration project to connect Onsight to NetSuite.