Mobile app for sales reps

The Onsight sales rep app allows your sales reps to use a mobile phone or tablet to create sales quotes, place sales orders, manage customer information and demo your product catalogue. Sales reps can do all of this from anywhere using any device, even when offline.

In addition, sales managers can easily track the team's sales activities remotely by tracing sales routes and by monitoring orders as they are being created in the field.

Sales rep app

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Create Quotes & Orders

  • Reps can create new quotes or orders whilst onsite with customers.
  • Even works when reps are offline.
  • Send PDF quotes to customers for approval.
  • Send PDF orders to the office or warehouse for processing.
  • Full order history is stored for all customers.
Create Quotes & Orders
Manage Accounts and Contacts

Manage Accounts & Contacts

  • Reps can manage all customer information in one shared database.
  • Update account and contact info from any mobile device.
  • Allocate accounts to specific sales reps.
  • All changes to contact info get synced and shared automatically.

Store visit GPS tracking

The Onsight system allows you to allocate store visits to your outside reps and then to track those store visits using GPS logging.


Sales Management

Improve sales performance
Track sales performance

Track sales performance by team and by rep.

Real-time view
Order and quote tracking

Get a real-time view of quotes and orders as they are created.

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