B2B sales app for distributors of health and beauty products

Distributors of health and beauty products use Onsight to automate their sales and distribution processes. Onsight works on almost any mobile device: iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Sales reps use the app when visiting customers to showcase new products and to capture orders, even when offline.

B2B sales app for distributors of health and beauty products

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Automating your distribution with Onsight is as easy as:

Bulk upload

Upload your product details and pricing

Download the app

Sales reps download the app

Capture orders

Reps capture orders onsite using their phone or tablet

Capture Orders

  • Reps can capture orders when visiting customers.
  • Even works when the device is offline.
  • Show new products to customers.
  • Customers can also download the app to self-order.
  • Orders are sent to your warehouse for processing.
  • Integrate with your accounting system to issue invoices.
health and beauty products sales app

What our health & beauty clients are saying

"Onsight is making our in-store ordering process easy and efficient."

Remi Bouchenez
Managing Director, Cosimer

"The company's sales reps are now able to process orders, and send invoices much faster and easier than they did previously."

Karl Feghali
Marketing Manager, Inpharmation

"I saw positive results within a short amount of time."

Ester Lascar
Co-owner, Beach Body Tan Group



Australian flag

Cosimer is an Australian importer and distributor of beauty products and care products. The company is based in Melbourne but has branches and representatives in all the Australian states. The company uses Onsight and Xero Accounting to optimise and digitise all aspects of its distribution cycle.

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Inpharmation S.A.R.L. is a wholesale and distribution company in Lebanon that specialises in providing consumer parapharmaceutical healthcare-related products that are imported from North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. Through the use of the Onsight mobile sales app they are eliminating paperwork and improving their sales of new products.

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Beach Body Tan Case Study

Beach Body Tan


Beach Body Tan provides a professional line of spray tans that was developed alongside a leading US manufacturer. It has been specifically designed for Mediterranean skin tones for use across the Middle East. Beach Body Tan has implemented the Onsight Mobile Sales App to improve sales reps' accountability, and also to reduce paper usage.

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