Onsight and QuickBooks

The Onsight order entry app lets sales reps manage their customer information, showcase products, create quotes and place orders - from anywhere. Our app lets your sales reps generate orders and quotes whilst on the road, even when offline.

Import your products and pricing from QuickBooks to create your own personalised electronic product catalogue. Then let your outside sales teams submit orders directly into your QuickBooks Online system to enable faster order processing and invoicing.

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The Onsight mobile sales app can improve your sales processes with its QuickBooks connector.

Connecting Onsight and QuickBooks gives you these benefits:

  • Import customer and product information from QuickBooks into Onsight
  • Download the latest stock on hand numbers for your reps to access whilst on the road
  • Onsight quotes are imported into QuickBooks as estimates and can be accepted to become an invoice
  • Onsight orders can be imported as invoices ready to be approved and sent to clients
  • Eliminate the tedium of manual order entry

If you already have a QuickBooks Online account, then you can start your 30 day trial of Onsight and our QuickBooks Online connector. Activate the QuickBooks Online connector immediately after signing up, to pull down your product and pricing information.

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What Is QuickBooks Online?

Millions of small businesses use QuickBooks Online to manage their business finances.

  • Create custom quotes and orders
  • Manage your business expenses and pay your bills
  • Manage and track your inventory
  • Track your business profitability

If you are not yet a QuickBooks Online user, then visit the QuickBooks website to find out more.