Implementation Services

The Onsight team provides a full suite of professional services for large scale implementations of our mobile business apps. The team can assist with all the tasks required to plan and roll out a mobile business solution to your workforce.

Consulting and implementation

Consulting and implementation

Our implementation consultants will assist your project lead to manage the implementation project. We will help plan the tasks required to successfully deliver the solution into your business. We will also assist with data importing and system configuration.

App Customization

If your business processes are sufficiently unique to warrant the investment in a custom app, we will assist with the entire process from requirements analysis to development to deployment of the custom app.

Systems Integration

We can integrate with any backend ERP / CRM / ordering system that you are running as long as the system has an API. If your backend system does not have an API, or if you prefer to control the integration yourself, we provide access to a full set of REST API's so that you can do a custom integration on your end.

The main integrations we do are with the backend order processing system to allow for orders to be sent automatically from the sales app into the backend system. We can also integrate with your stock control systems to check and update stock levels when orders are processed. We can integrate with your customer database so that there is a two-way sync between Onsight and the primary customer database. Lastly, if you have a product database we can import product description and pricing from your systems.

Systems Integration


We can provide live online training sessions to the administrators and users of the mobile application. On-site training can also be provided if you have a travel budget.


We provide support retainers to give your team priority access to our support desk and engineering team


We perform regular maintenance on our systems to keep our platform performing optimally. Clients on our SaaS platform receive free access to all new features introduced into the app. Clients with custom apps can receive access to new features and modules if they have purchased a maintenance contract.



Contact Us

Please contact us with your requirements and we will gladly prepare a detailed implementation proposal for you to review.