Integration with other systems

Onsight has been designed to make integration possible with almost any back-end ERP, CRM or accounting system. The main integration that we do is to allow for orders to be sent automatically from the sales app into your back-end system. We can also integrate with your stock control module to check and update stock levels when orders are processed. We can integrate with your customer database so that there is a two-way sync between Onsight and the primary customer database. Lastly, if you have a product database we can import product description and pricing from your systems.


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We have pre-built connectors between Onsight and several popular accounting and ERP systems. The connector treats your accounting system / ERP system as the master database for customer and product information. Any changes in your system to customer information and pricing information is synced into Onsight. Onsight then sends orders directly into your system eliminating the need for manual data entry.

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If your system is not listed above please contact us to discuss building a connector to automatically sync our app and your system.

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If you have low order volumes, you can export your orders from our app via CSV files and then you can import them into your system using its sales order module.

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If you prefer to control the integration yourself, we provide access to a full set of REST API's so that your technical team can do a custom integration on your end.