How are Onsight orders and quotes sent to QuickBooks?

By default, Onsight sales orders are sent to QuickBooks as estimates in the ‘Accepted’ state. Once the order has been processed you can then go into QuickBooks and convert the estimate into an invoice. We do it this way because there is no concept of a draft invoice in QuickBooks. All invoices are a final sale.┬áThe Quantity on Hand field in Quickbooks is reduced when a QuickBooks invoice is created. A QuickBooks estimate does not reduce the QuickBooks Quantity on Hand value. By usinge estimates, changes can easily be made to the order in QuickBooks without affecting your GL accounts or your stock numbers.

Alternatively, we can customise your integration so that Onsight orders are sent to QuickBooks as invoices.

By default, Onsight sales quotes are sent to QuickBooks as estimates in the ‘Pending’ state. You can then approve the quote in Onsight, which will generate an order in Onsight and an estimate in QuickBooks. Alternatively, you can bypass Onsight and directly convert the QuickBooks estimate into an invoice. This process can also be customised.

Onsight does not overwrite invoices numbers or estimate numbers in QuickBooks. Invoices and estimates get their numbers from the next sequential number in QuickBooks.