How can I delete a shipping address in the app?

If you have more than one shipping address, then you can delete all of them but one (the default shipping address cannot be deleted but you can clear the content).

If you want to delete the shipping address that is currently marked as the ‘Default’ shipping address, then you first need to mark another shipping address as the default shipping address by simply tapping on the ‘Default’ button of the other shipping address.

To delete a shipping address:

  • Log in to the Onsight B2B Sales app.
  • Tap on ‘Customers’ at the top of the screen. All your customers will display.
  • Tap on the customer that you want to delete a shipping address for.
  • Tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right
  • On your tablet or iPad, tap on the menu item ‘Shipping Addresses’ on the right.
  • On your phone, tap on ‘Next’ until you see the ‘Shipping Addresses’ view.
  • Tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the shipping address
  • Tap on ‘Delete’. If there is no option to delete the address, then this address is the default address that cannot be deleted.
  • Tap on ‘Done’