How do I create a QuickBooks custom field for the Onsight sales rep

One of the customisations that we offer is to send sales rep’s name into a custom field on the invoice or estimate. This can either be the rep who created the order or the rep that the customer was assigned to. This will then be shown with the other invoice details at the top of the printed invoice or estimate.

We need you to create a new custom field to contain the Onsight sales rep. If you already have a custom field for this, you don’t need to create a new one but we need a screenshot so that we can have the field’s details. 

There are many different versions of QuickBooks and they have different ways of configuring custom fields. Please choose the method below that matches your QuickBooks. If the one set of instructions do not fit, then use the other set of instructions. 


  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Account and Settings
  • Go to Sales
  • Go to Sales Form content and click Edit
  • Enable custom fields.
  • Select Add custom field.
  • Enter a name in the Name field. Eg. ‘Sales Rep’ or something similar. 
  • If you tick ‘Internal’ it will only be visible in QuickBooks.
  • If you want the custom field to appear on printed and delivered forms, tick ‘Public’.
  • Select Save.

Send us a screenshot of this screen. This allows us to determine the custom field name and ID. 

Alternative instructions: 

  • Go to Settings > Lists > Custom Fields and configure the new custom field there.
  • Create a new custom field. Make the name ‘Sales Rep’ or something similar. 
  • Choose which forms you want the custom field to appear on. 
  • Click Save.

Send us a screenshot of this screen. Be sure to toggle the switch so that the screenshot shows ALL fields including inactive ones. This allows us to determine the custom field name. We also need the custom field ID. You can get this by clicking on Edit and looking at the ID number in the URL field.