How do I create a test login in MYOB?

Normally you are able to set up and test the the MYOB connector between Onsight and MYOB yourself. If you would like us to access your MYOB account in order to configure and test the connector, please follow these instructions. We will advise you of the email address to use for the new account that you need to create. Follow this process to create the account:

  • Open up MYOB AccountRight
  • Click “Setup – User Access”
  • Click “New User”
  • Tick “This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account”
  • Fill in a username. Eg. “Onsight”
  • Fill in the email address that we provided to you. Eg. [email protected]
  • Do NOT tick “Invite user to be an online administrator”
  • Under “Company file roles” you can restrict us to a limited set of modules. The following roles are required: Cards, Inventory Management and Sales. Without these roles, we cannot test the connector. Please tick each of these three options on the screen.
  • We need to add an extra permission to the Cards role. We need access to the names and email addresses of your sales reps. Note, this does not give us access to any payroll information or any other employee information. Nor can we change anything. Follow the steps below to share the names and email addresses.
    • Click Manage Roles at the top
    • Click Cards
    • Tick Employee Cards
    • Tick Read Only
  • Click “Save and Invite User”

Let us know that the account has been created. We will then start the process of configuring the connector for your specific needs.