How do I manage the order of products?

Products are sorted inside the app and not in the admin console. This approach allows each user to set their own preferred ordering scheme.

iPad – Go to the Settings app. Scroll down till you see ‘Onsight’ on the left. Tap on ‘Onsight’. On the right, tap on ‘Sort By’. Choose between ‘Name’, ‘Barcode’, ‘SKU’ and ‘Product Code’. Go back. You can also specify ‘Sort Direction’.

Android & Windows – At present there is no mechanism to sort products on Android and Windows. These two platforms will be updated shortly to allow for this.

This will determine how your products are displayed within each category.

The product categories themselves are displayed alphabetically. If you prefer to present them in a manner other than alphabetical, place ‘1.’ , ‘2.’ etc in front of the product category names to force a specific sort order.