How do my ‘stock on hand’ numbers sync between Onsight and Xero?

Xero is your master database for all product information. This includes the Quantity on Hand number.

The Quantity on Hand number will automatically sync from Xero to Onsight and will show in Onsight for all your products.

When an order is created in Onsight, it gets sent to Xero as an invoice in the ‘Draft’ state, by default. Thereafter it can be changed to ‘Submitted’ and later ‘Approved’ to become a proper invoice. It is possible to configure Onsight to automatically send your orders as invoices that are ‘Submitted’ or ‘Approved’.

The Quantity on Hand field in Xero is only reduced when the Xero invoice is ‘Approved’. A draft Invoice or an invoice waiting for approval does not reduce the Xero Quantity on Hand value.

Once you approve the invoice, the Quantity on Hand will reduce in Xero. This new value will then sync to Onsight.

Now, your Onsight app will show the latest stock numbers from Xero. This completes the circular flow of stock information between Onsight and Xero.