How do my ‘stock on hand’ numbers sync between Onsight and Zoho?

Zoho is your master database for all product information. This includes stock information. Zoho tracks 4 different stock numbers:

  • Accounting Stock – Stock on hand
  • Accounting Stock – Available for sale
  • Physical Stock – Stock on hand
  • Physical Stock – Available for sale

By default, Onsight only has one stock field. We normally copy the ‘Physical Stock – Stock on hand’ field from Zoho to the Stock field in Onsight. Alternatively, we can configure your account so that any one of the other fields from Zoho is copied to the Stock field in Onsight. The Stock number will show in Onsight for all your products.

When an order is created in Onsight, it gets sent to Zoho as Sales Orders that are either ‘Draft’ (the default) or ‘Confirmed’.

The various Zoho stock numbers will change in Zoho as you process the order, create an invoices, and ship the goods.

These new values will then sync to Onsight. Now, your Onsight app will show the latest stock numbers from Zoho. This completes the circular flow of stock information between Onsight and Zoho.