How to disconnect from Xero and reconnect again

Follow this process to disconnect Onsight from Xero and then to reconnect again.

  • Log into Xero.

  • Click on your company name in the top left and then click on ‘Settings’:

    Xero settings

  • Click on the link which says ‘Connected Apps’:

    Xero connected apps

  • You will see the Onsight app listed there. There might be multiple listings. Click ‘Disconnect’ for all of them:

    Xero disconnect

  • In the confirmation dialog box that appears, there is no need to choose a reason. Click ‘Disconnect app’:

    Xero confirm disconnect

  • Now click on the link in the email that you received about connecting Onsight and Xero.
  • You will be presented with a screen asking you to connect the Onsight app to one of your organisations. Choose the organisation and click ‘Allow access’:

    Xero connect