What are the different types of users in Onsight?

Onsight has three types of users, each with a different privilege level.

  • Admin users: as an admin user you can manage all you other users, manage your products and customers and create quotes and orders. Admins have the most privileges.
  • Sales rep users: as a sales rep user you can create and update customers, browse the product catalogue and place quotes and orders on behalf of your assigned customers. Sales rep users cannot change any product information but can change customer information for the customers assigned to them. Sales rep users have fewer privileges than admin users but more than customer users.
  • Customer users (customer logins): as a customer user you can browse the products that have been allocated to you and you can place orders. Customer users can also create quotes if the admin user has enabled the ‘Quotes’ feature for customer users. Customer users cannot make any changes to any product or customer information.

You can see the pricing for each type of user on our pricing page.