What can I customise in my MYOB integration?

The Onsight connector for MYOB supports a huge variety of customisation options.

The standard data syncing ensures that:

  • Product data and pricing data flows from MYOB to Onsight
  • Customer contact data flows from MYOB to Onsight
  • Tax code data flows from MYOB to Onsight
  • Employee (sales rep) data flows from MYOB to Onsight
  • New customers created in Onsight get sent to MYOB
  • Orders created in Onsight get sent to MYOB
  • Quotes created in Onsight get sent to MYOB

All of these data flows can be customised to work exactly how you need them to work.

Here are some common customisations that we have done:

Customer account balances

Accounts receivable outstanding balances and overdue balances can be copied from MYOB into Onsight. These balances can then be displayed in the app for sales reps to see when they are onsite visiting clients. In addition, the outstanding balances and overdue balances can even be displayed on the order PDFs that get emailed to clients.

Customer custom fields

Customer records in MYOB can have custom fields. Any of these customer fields can be synced to Onsight as custom fields against the customers and they will then display in the Onsight app for sales reps to view.

Allocate new customers to all reps

When you create a new customer in MYOB, it will get copied to Onsight automatically. Since no sales rep is allocated to it, none of your reps will be able to see the customer. An admin will have to allocate the customer to a sales rep for them to see it. We can configure your account so that new customers that are coming from MYOB will automatically be visible to all your sales reps.

Product custom fields

MYOB products can have three custom text fields and three custom dropdown fields. All six fields can be stored as product custom fields in Onsight and they will then display in the Onsight app for sales reps and customers to view.

Product stock counts

In MYOB, there are two important fields relating to stock: ‘Available’ and ‘Quantity on Hand’. You can choose either of these two fields to go into the Stock Count field in Onsight. In addition, we can also copy both fields for display purposes in the app.

Hide products that are out of stock

If an item has zero stock in MYOB, we can make that item inactive in Onsight. This will make it disappear from the sales app which means it cannot be ordered. When the item comes back into stock again in MYOB, we can make it active again in Onsight. Alternatively, instead of hiding, we can add an ‘Out of Stock’ message to the product name. That way it stays visible and can even be ordered but everyone will be made aware that it is out of stock.

Tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive pricing for orders and quotes

When sending quotes and orders to MYOB, we can do so in tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive mode.

MYOB invoice number

By default, the invoice number field in MYOB will be the next sequential invoice number in MYOB. This is because invoice numbers are meant to run sequentially for auditing purposes. If you deem it necessary, the Onsight order number or quote number can be configured to override the next sequential invoice number in MYOB.

Onsight order numbers

The Onsight order number and order reference can be sent to any one of these fields in MYOB:

the Journal Memo field,
the Customer PO Number field,
the Comment field,
the Referral Source field.

The customer name can also be added to this reference.

MYOB order line item sort order

If your orders are printed and used for packing purposes in your warehouse, it becomes important what sort order the line items are displayed when you print or view your orders. The Onsight order line items can be re-arranged and sent to MYOB in any specific order that you choose. The sort order can be based on the product name, SKU, product code, barcode, product category name, quantity, unit price or line item total.

Notification emails for order sync errors

In some rare circumstances, orders can fail to sync to MYOB due to problems with the way the products are configured in either one of the two systems. We can set up notification emails that will alert you to this problem immediately so that you can log into both Onsight and MYOB to resolve the issue.