What do the External ID and External Key fields refer to?

The External ID and External Key fields can be seen in the admin console where you manage your product and customer information. These fields are read-only and cannot be changed.

If you are using CSV/XLS files to copy data between Onsight and your accounting system / ERP system or some other internal system, you can use the External ID field in the XLS upload to store your system’s product ID or customer ID. That way there can be a link between the customer or product in Onsight and the corresponding record in your system. This can then be used to link the customer and product when you export orders out of Onsight into your internal system.

If you have connected your accounting system / ERP system with Onsight using one of the prebuilt Onsight connectors or using a custom integration then the ID of the product or customer from the accounting system / ERP system will be visible in the External Key field.