What is a custom status for orders and quotes?

The custom status feature allows you to indicate the progress of your customers’ orders and quotes. Examples of customer statuses are: “Packed,” “Shipped,” or “Delivered”. As these statuses are not tied to any external system or even any business rules, you can easily switch the order or quote status from “Packed” to “Shipped” without any external impacts. The custom status feature in Onsight simplifies communication with your sales reps or customers. No need for emails or messages – now everyone can easily check the status or progress of orders and quotes. It’s a streamlined way to keep everyone informed and connected.

These custom status are fully customisable which means you have the flexibility to customise them to fit your business needs, whether that is “Packed,” “Shipped,” and “Delivered.” or “Processing,” “In Transit,” and “Completed.” You can also decide if you want this status to be enabled for only orders , quotes or both.

Additionally, you can specify who gets to see these statuses as well as who can update them:

  • No-one
  • Admins only
  • Admins and reps
  • Admins, reps and customer logins

Contact us at [email protected] if you want to activate this feature on your account.

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