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Colossal Diamond Tools, LLC is a leading provider of diamond tools and supplies for the stone fabrication, tile, terrazzo, concrete, and restoration industries. The company's broad range of high-quality products includes cutting-edge diamond blades that ensure precise and clean cuts, and core drilling bits that provide fast and accurate hole creation. From its headquarters in Dallas, TX and its retail store in Oklahoma City, the company services customers from all over the United States.

Colossal Diamond Tools

"We have been utilising Onsight...couldn't imagine where we would be without it."

David L. Haymore
Key Account Specialist

The Challenge: Migrating from one accounting system to another

Colossal Diamond Tools had a need to transition from their legacy accounting system to Zoho. This was primarily motivated by the desire for enhanced inventory management capabilities. The company planned out a multi-month process to switch all operations and transactions from the legacy system to Zoho. This migration was crucial for maintaining uninterrupted business operations and further improving service delivery to their customers. The challenge lay in executing a smooth transition without disrupting the ongoing business activities and ensuring that the new system would meet all operational needs.

Colossal Diamond Tools - Sales App

The Solution: Migration assistance from Onsight

Onsight provides their B2B sales ordering app to Colossal Diamond Tools, and the Onsight app was integrated into the legacy accounting system. Luckily Onsight also provides a well-tested integration into Zoho as well. Onsight therefore had a pivotal role in facilitating the migration project. Their expertise in integrating both the legacy system and Zoho into the Onsight application was instrumental in helping Colossal Diamond Tools to ensure a seamless transition. The Onsight team’s assistance took the form of several critical steps. The Onsight team set up a test platform and helped Colossal Diamond Tools to conduct thorough tests to ensure that all migration steps would operate smoothly. On the day of the migration, Onsight disconnected the existing links to the legacy system and established new connections with Zoho. Onsight provided comprehensive support to Colossal Diamond Tools, throughout the migration process, including data cleanup and troubleshooting to ensure that all products and customers were accurately reflected in Zoho and that sales orders flowed correctly from Onsight to Zoho.

This partnership and meticulous planning enabled Colossal Diamond Tools to migrate their sales process to Zoho without any interruption in business operations. They now benefit from the better inventory management functionality and enhanced operational efficiency. David L. Haymore, Key Account Specialist at Colossal Diamond Tools, shared his impressions: "We have been utilising Onsight for the past 3 years, and quite frankly, couldn’t imagine where we would be without it. It has facilitated efficiencies in our business flow, both internal and external. The ongoing professional support from Onsight has been wonderful and was key in helping us migrate to our new accounting system in a flawless manner. Simply the best!!"

The collaboration between Colossal Diamond Tools and Onsight shows a successful digital transformation initiative, where technology integration and good planning resulted in improved business operations. This case study demonstrates the importance of choosing the right partners and solutions to help address business challenges and achieve long-term objectives.

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