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MSH is a fashion wholesaler based in Glasgow, Scotland with roots tracing back to 2006 when founders, Maggie and Ann, opened a small boutique in Notting Hill, London. MSH has since expanded into an established name in fashion wholesale, standing out with its distinct, trend-focused line of clothing and accessories.


As we have grown as a business Onsight have been able to meet our needs

Ronnie Groves
Operations Manager

The challenge: an improved trade show sales experience

As MSH experienced growth, the company needed a powerful solution to efficiently showcase its vast range of products at trade shows, ensuring a seamless experience for potential clients. Their objective was to quickly pull up specific products, suggest related items, and even display colorways that might not be physically present at the trade show. The solution needed to be rapid, easy to navigate, and capable of operating in offline mode for optimal speed and reliability.

MSH - Sales App

The solution - the Onsight sales app for tradehow success

After comprehensive research, MSH adopted the Onsight sales app. It provided the sales team with the ability to scan QR codes for specific products, speeding up finding product information. The Onsight user interface also recommended other related products that the customer might find appealing. Lastly, the app offered offline functionality, ensuring swift, uninterrupted service for customers even when there was no internet connectivity at the trade show.

Ronnie Groves, Operations Manager at MSH, explained further that "the minimalistic look of the app and the quickness of it when in offline mode means customers are served quickly and if we show them products on the device then it is not cluttered with information that is not relevant to the customer". Ronnie is also happy with the Onsight team's responsiveness: "Any urgent issue we have had has quickly been dealt with and requested features have either been built in quickly or at least marked for future development if it isn't a quick addition to their current app."

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