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Supreme Beverages is a fast-growing company that specialises in unique alcoholic beverages. Their product range started with Supreme Cream, an alcohol-infused whipped cream in flavours such as strawberry and vanilla. Its selling point was the fact that it has an extraordinarily long shelf life of 9 months, sometimes longer.

Supreme Beverages boasts a wide range of alcoholic products. Some of their products include Vokandi (a flavoured vodka with candy flavours such as bubblegum) and Hogmaster (a distilled spirit that is made with a blend of herbs and spices). Other products include herbal liqueurs that provide energy in the form of ginseng and rooibos-infused vodka.

Supreme Beverages Case Study

We knew Onsight could help improve the performance of our sales team.

Colleen Riley
National Sales and Marketing Manager, Supreme Beverages

The goal - Mobilize their sales people

According to Colleen Riley, National Sales & Marketing Manager at Supreme Beverages, "We knew Onsight could help improve the performance of our sales team. We have ten sales agents spread out all over the country and we needed a solution to synchronize data between all of them while also allowing them to easily and quickly send orders back to head office."

Since this is a new and innovative brand, the Supreme Beverages reps needed a way to showcase their products in an appealing way. The sales reps sell to clubs, bars and liquor stores spread over a wide area so they needed a catalog and ordering solution that would provide them the mobility they needed to travel anywhere.

Supreme Beverages - App Product View

The result - A mobile catalog and ordering system

The Onsight mobile sales app provided a mobile product catalog that allowed Supreme Beverages to upload images and product data and have this synchronize to all users. It is impossible to physically carry around all of the various products that the company offers. With the mobile catalog they have created, the Supreme Beverages sales reps can now show products to anyone, no matter where they are and then immediately order items for their clients directly from the app. All of the product images and information regarding the products are contained in one easy, efficient sales app that can be uploaded onto iOS, Android and Windows tablets and smartphones.

When it comes to exhibitions, the Supreme sales reps are no longer confined to their stand to show potential clients the full Supreme Beverages range. This provides greater maneuverability to the reps and gives them access to a wider audience.

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