How do I bulk upload product availability per customer?

The Onsight web console provides an easy way to bulk upload your per-customer product availability information without having to update and import all of the other product info. Only your customer product availability info will be updated. This way all of your other product info will not have to re-sync to your team’s mobile devices. To use this tool, your product info, customer group info and customer info must be uploaded already. If you have not yet uploaded all your product info please rather follow the guide on how to bulk import your products instead.

To access the bulk upload tool to upload your per-customer product availability:

  • Log in to the Onsight web console at
  • Click on ‘Catalogue’ from the left-hand side menu
  • Click on the ‘Manage Products’ menu item
  • Click the ‘Action’ button at the top of the screen
  • Select ‘Import Group Availability’ from the drop-down list
  • This will open up the 4-step bulk upload tool

Step 1: Download your data

This step will download a list of existing products on your account and a column for each customer group.

Step 2: Edit the datasheet

Each row in your spreadsheet represents one of your products. Each column contains a different customer group. Edit the cells to change the product availability required for each customer group. The options are ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Step 3: Upload data sheet

Save your file. Then select its location on your computer, and upload it to Onsight for processing.

Step 4: Import customer group availability

Once you click the “Import” button your spreadsheet will be analysed and validated.

If your spreadsheet passes validation you will be shown a list of updates that will happen once you approve the import job, and you will be able to approve it so that the datasheet is actually processed and your product information imported. If the spreadsheet fails, you will be shown a list of errors to rectify before uploading it all again. If everything is OK – hit “Approve Job” and all your information will be imported into the database.

Check on your import jobs

To see the status of all your import jobs, go to Setup > Import Jobs and you will see them all listed.

Still have questions?

If you are still uncertain of how to proceed or if you encounter any problems email us at [email protected] and we will help you through the process step-by-step.