How do I create a sales order in the app?

  • Log into the Onsight B2B Sales app.
  • Tap on ‘Customers’ on the top of the screen. Your customer list will display.
  • If no customer is selected, then select a customer and tap ‘Select Customer’. You are now in customer mode and the customer name will display at the bottom of the screen. If a customer is already selected click on the cross in the bottom right corner to remove the selection this will allow you to choose a different customer instead.
  • Tap on the back button in the top left and then tap ‘Products’.
  • Choose a product category (if applicable) and then choose a product.
  • Tap on the ‘+’ button next to the products that you want to add to your cart.
  • Use the back button to browse the catalogue and to add more products.
  • When done, tap on the cart icon in the bottom right of the screen.

You will now see a draft order. You now have two options of how to proceed.

  • Option 1: To create an order quickly
    • Tap ‘Create Order’
  • Option 2: To add further details to the order
    • Tap ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen.
    • Add fees and choose a payment method. Tap ‘Next’.
    • Add a delivery address. Tap ‘Next’.
    • Add a delivery date. Tap ‘Next’.
    • Choose a contact person. Tap ‘Next’.
    • Choose a sales rep. Tap ‘Next’.
    • Add a customer signature. Tap ‘Next’.
    • Tap ‘Create Order’

The order will sync with the web console immediately if you are online or, if offline, as soon as you are online again. After syncing, you will receive an email containing the order PDF.

This article applies to the Onsight B2B Sales app that is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablet devices.

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