How do I prevent new customers from seeing all products?

When you create a new customer or new customer group, all products are automatically available to that customer. All products are available by default. Thereafter you can selectively give them access to specific products.

If you want to be able to create a customer and block them from seeing any products initially, until you have finished setting up their product access, then please follow this process:

  • Create a customer group that has no availability for any products. Let’s call it “Block all products”. It will be re-used over and over again for all your new customers.
  • When you create a new customer, allocate it to this “Block all products” group.
  • The customer will not be able to see any products.
  • Create a new customer group for the new customer. Do NOT allocate the customer to the customer group.
  • Edit the availability settings for this new customer group. These settings will determine what products the customer can see.
  • Now allocate the customer to the new customer group.
  • The customer can now only see the products that you have given them access to.

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