How to configure orders to automatically decrease stock levels

The automatic stock update feature in Onsight ensures that when an order is placed for an item, that item’s stock level gets updated automatically. This feature is useful if you do not update your stock levels regularly but you still want to use Onsight to accurately show stock levels so that sales reps can know when items are in stock or not.

How to activate the automatic stock update feature

There is a setting in the admin console to enable or disable the automatic stock update.

  • Log in to the Onsight admin console at
  • Click ‘Setup’ from left-hand side menu.
  • Click on the ‘Configuration’ menu item.
  • Scroll down till you see the option: ‘Automatically reduce stock when placing an order’
  • Tick the box to enable the feature or untick the box to disable the feature
  • Click ‘Save’

Thereafter the stock levels will get adjusted automatically as orders are placed in Onsight by your sales reps.

Rules for auto-updates of stock levels

  • When an order has been created the stock will be automatically reduced for all the items on that order.
  • When an order has been modified the stock will be increased or decreased for each item depending on whether the order quantity is increased or decreased.
  • The stock level will only update for products with a valid number in the ‘Stock on Hand’ field. If the ‘Stock on Hand’ field is blank, the automatic stock update feature will have no impact. The ‘Stock on Hand’ field will remain blank.
  • The stock level will only update when you are online. This means that when you create orders in offline mode, the stock will only update when your device is online again and the order has synced to the admin console.
  • When an order is created on a device, the stock will update immediately on the device.
  • When an order is created on a device and has synced to the admin console, the stock will update immediately on the admin console.
  • When a user creates an order for a product, then the stock level on all other users’ devices will update when the order has synced and when all the other users are online and their apps have synced. If all devices are online it typically takes 5 to 10 minutes for the updated stock level to reflect on all devices. Users can speed up this process by manually tapping ‘sync data’ or ‘refresh’ in the app for an instant stock update.
  • When the stock level goes below zero, you can still create orders for a product. The system will not prevent products being added to the cart and orders will go through as normal.
  • When a product has been ordered for which there is no stock (stock level less than zero); an email will be sent to the warehouse email address that receives all order emails. This email address is set in the admin console under ‘Setup’, ‘Configuration’, ‘Order Emails’. The email that you will receive is titled: ‘Out of stock notification – Order contains products that are out of stock’. The content of the email will list the following information: Order number, item code, product name and the out-of-stock quantity.
  • Sales quotes do not affect the ‘Stock on Hand’ value at all.

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