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The owners of Beach Body Tan were inspired to change people's negative opinion of spray tan in the Middle East. They noticed that traditional spray tan formulas were not well-suited to Mediterranean skin tones and its warm climate. Beach Body Tan developed a new line of spray tans by working with a US manufacturer. Their line of spray tans is complemented by a wide range of beauty-related products including hair diamonds, bronzing lotions, lash extenders, nail foils, and metallic tattoos.

Beach Body Tan

I saw positive results within a short amount of time.

Ester Lascar
Co-owner, Beach Body Tan Group Lebanon

The requirements - improve sales and make reps more accountable

Beach Body Tan sales reps were using traditional ordering pads and paper catalogues. However, the paper catalogues have become an excuse for clients to dismiss sales reps with the promise of looking through it later. This never happens and leads to significant loss in sales. Thus, they were looking for an alternative to paper catalogues and more direct client interaction.

Furthermore, Beach Body Tan felt the need to instill a sense of accountability in their sales reps. They wanted to find a way of monitoring sales reps while on the road, not only their sales progress, but also to keep tabs on their client interactions.

Beach Body Tan - Sales App

The solution - a GPS check-in system and electronic product catalogue

Beach Body Tan implemented the Onsight Mobile Sales App for two reasons. Firstly, because of its useful GPS check-in feature. This feature allows managers to track important information regarding the daily activities of sales reps. For example, they can see how many clients a sales rep visited in a day, where they are travelling to, how they travel to their destinations, and also how much time elapses between visits.

A GPS check-in system is great for implementing accountability, identifying problems and finding ways to improve the overall sales process. The owners can now have more control over a process that was previously hard to manage due to lack of communication and inaccurate reporting.

Secondly, the Onsight electronic product catalogue appealed to Beach Body Tan's owners because sales reps now engage more actively with customers. An added bonus of the electronic catalogue is the huge reduction in paper usage. Also, orders can be placed immediately and the ordering process has become more stream-lined as a direct result.

Ester Lascar, co-owner of Beach Body Tan, has been overall impressed with the Onsight Mobile Sales App. In particular, the electronic catalogue has resulted in reduced paper usage and increased sales. Lascar has also reported a rise in sales of previously "weak" sellers. This upward sales trend combined with increased accountability and a reduction in paper cost and usage, are all positive results of implementing the Onsight Mobile Sales App.

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