Bosphore is a sales and distribution company based in Montreal, Québec, Canada. This company imports products from Europe and the United States for distribution all across Canada. The majority of Bosphore’s imports are confectionery products: candy, bonbons, chocolates, cookies, biscuits and other food products. The company also distributes health and beauty products. Most of Bosphore’s business occurs in Montreal and Toronto but the company has a footprint all across the rest of Canada as well.

Bosphore Case Study

The app has a user-friendly interface and it is very easy to use. I've never had a problem so far.

Serdar Arslan
Owner, Bosphore

The goal - An easy-to-use sales system

Bosphore Sales wanted a solution that could speed up their order taking process without the need to follow complicated steps. When sales rep visited a client to capture their orders Bosphore wanted a system and process in place that could have the order captured and processed by the company as quickly and accurately as possible. The quicker an order could be placed, the faster the warehouse could ship and the happier Bosphore clients would be.

Bosphore - Sales App

The result – User-friendly interface for simplified selling

When the Onsight mobile sales app came to the attention of Serdar Arslan, Bosphore’s owner, there were two things that attracted him to the solution to try it out. Firstly, there was no usage fee for one user to download and utilize the app. Secondly, the interface was easy to understand and use. After a trial period testing the app on his own, Serdar was happy to implement the app for the rest of his sales team. The quick placement of orders is a must-have for Bosphore and the app certainly delivers the PDF order emails quickly enough to the order department.Orders are directly entered on the rep’s mobile device of choice. Once all of the order details are entered correctly, a PDF of the order is sent via email to head office as well as a copy to the customer. The order can now be easily and quickly packed and shipped, without any arduous paperwork.

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