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Escape to Paradise was founded in 2009 by accessories designer Sacha Alagich. Based in Australia, this lifestyle brand provides luxury home decor items and clothing accessories (everything from cushion covers to beach bags and travel accessories), all of which are inspired by Sacha's love of nature and the need to bring that holiday feeling to people in their daily lives. Escape to Paradise ships internationally but their main distribution occurs in Australia and New Zealand. This company's philosophy is anchored in giving back to the community by supporting and donating to, among others, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Surf Life Saving Australia.

Escape to paradise Case Study

The Onsight system ... is definitely benefiting my brand and makes communicating with my agents and distributors that much easier.

Sacha Alagich
Founder and Owner, Escape to Paradise

The challenge - managing a rapidly changing product catalog

Sacha has sales agents and distributors all over Australia. As her business grew, she needed a way to send these agents and distributors up-to-date copies of her product catalog. Initially this was done using printed catalogs but Sacha quickly realised that these go out of date quite easily. After researching on the Internet for a possible solution, Sacha found the Onsight mobile sales system. The Onsight app originally appealed to her because she uses an iPad for work purposes herself (iPad's are just one of the many mobile devices supported by Onsight). She made contact via the Onsight website and presented her problem to the Onsight sales consultant.

Escape to paradise - App Product View

The Onsight team helped Sacha to bulk-upload all of her products. The Onsight system now gives Sacha a fully-featured product catalog that works on a PC, iPad, iPad Mini, Android tablet (both 7-inch and 10-inch), as well as any Android smartphone. Sacha manages her catalog inside the admin system. When she wants an up-to-date catalog to distribute, she downloads a PDF file of the catalog with a single click. She can then send the catalog as a nicely formatted PDF to all her agents and distributors. As these agents and distributors become more tech-savvy, the idea is to get them to use the Onsight app on their tablets and phones as well. This will give them access to the latest version of the catalog wherever they are.

The business result

Sacha has this to say: "My product line is constantly growing and evolving. The Onsight system allows me to update my product line at any time without the worry of having to spend money on expensive and easily outdated paper catalogs. It is definitely benefiting my brand and makes communicating with my agents and distributors that much easier."

This addition to Onsight's arsenal of sales features can help your company save money on printed catalogs that can so easily become outdated as product lines grow. Not only does a customizable PDF file save money on printing costs, it also saves money on design changes needed when items are added or removed. Regular updates of your catalog shows that you are a dynamic company fully prepared to handle any changes you encounter. Sending your agents and distributors a conveniently formatted PDF ensures that new products come to their attention quickly and this can help grow your sales.

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