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Dekassa manufactures a range of luxurious handmade candles, body butters and sprays. The Scottish-based, family-owned company offers an exclusive range of the finest handcrafted candles for both indoor and outdoor use. They can tailor unique product collections for customers ranging from wedding favours to customised gifting options. Dekassa sells their products online and through retail outlets all across the UK.


Without Xero and Onsight, we wouldn't be where we are today. It has transformed the way we do business.

Blair Inglis

The requirement - Integration with Xero accounting system

Dekassa required a sales application that could be integrated with their existing accounting software, Xero Accounting. The Onsight mobile sales app offers seamless integration with Xero and as such was an obvious choice for them. The always-on-hand Onsight support team implemented an effortless integration between Xero and Onsight for Dekassa. After connecting the two systems, the Dekassa team now had access to all of the sales data and product data they needed, on the spot. Blair Inglis, director at Dekassa feels that the Onsight mobile sales app has brought greater freedom to their sales team, by enabling them to access their full product catalogue wherever they are. It has allowed their sales team the freedom to access customer data, including sales history and invoicing, while in the field.

The Dekassa sales team gave feedback that they find the Onsight app easy to use and an asset to have while visiting customers. Dekassa sales reps can take orders anywhere with full access to their extensive product catalogue. The ordering process is more streamlined than before and provides Dekassa with a useful solution for convenient order-taking. Dekassa have also given their customers the option to self-order which means quicker order turnaround times for the business.

Dekassa - Sales App

The soltuion - A seamless process from order taking to invoicing

The Onsight electronic product catalogue raises the bar when it comes to professional presentation in the field and has allowed Dekassa's sales team to showcase their full range of bespoke products. The Onsight app automatically sends orders to Xero where they can be used to invoice clients. This has reduced the sales team's day-to-day admin which has allowed them to spend more time with customers and growing the company's business.

Because of all of this, the Onsight sales app has improved Dekassa's business processes and allows them to focus on what matters; their customers and growing their family business. Blair Inglis, director at Dekassa, concludes that "Without Xero and Onsight, we wouldn't be where we are today. It has transformed the way we do business."

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