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Rachel Canada believes that you can be successful by simply doing what you love, and she is surely doing that. For more than 10 years now, she has been creating and selling unique pieces of art for animal lovers. She has a wide variety of clientele and her collection includes beautifully crafted calendars, notecards, holiday greeting cards, mugs and bowls as well as detailed oil paintings on commission.

Rachel Canada

Onsight really enables me to propel my business in terms of professional presentation.

Rachel Canada
Owner and Artist

The goal - to reach a broader market

Rachel Canada has many loyal fans that enjoy keeping up-to-date on her newest creations and many buy her work online. However, in order for her to promote and grow her creative business successfully, she needed to reach out to a broader market. There was a need to create awareness of her unique custom products with a wider audience who could further spread the word to other potential clients. This meant capturing the attention of wholesalers and retailers all over the United States.

In addition, Rachel has an impressive work portfolio with an ever-growing client catalogue that requires regular updating. It became apparent that she needed a catalogue that could easily be refreshed and updated to include her latest products.

Rachel Canada - Sales App

Professional presentation using Onsight

Rachel Canada is using the Onsight sales app to create a product catalogue containing high-quality images, up-to-date pricing and detailed descriptions of her creations. The electronic product catalogue's PDF feature has enabled the artist to easily connect with further afield wholesalers and retailers to showcase her full range of products. Clients from all over the country can now conveniently browse her extensive portfolio and order directly from the catalogue without her incurring any travel or other additional expenses.

Another great upside to using the Onsight electronic product catalogue is how easy it is to update. When Rachel creates, for example, a new greeting card, she can immediately upload the card's details, pricing and images to her electronic catalogue. She can also generate custom PDF versions which can be easily distributed to clients via email. The faster a product can be made available, the faster it can be seen and purchased by clients, which ultimately aids business growth.

Another feature that the artist finds most useful is the ability to generate PDF sales orders. Once an order is placed, it automatically sends confirmation emails to the seller and the buyer. This is a very beneficial feature as it allows for optimum recordkeeping as well as order tracking. Additionally, it also serves as a reliable and convenient way to communicate effortlessly with clients about their orders.

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