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KopCup is a Danish small business that was established in 2005 by graphic designer Karen Skotte-Lund. KopCup produces unique handcrafted graphic ceramics as well as beautiful jewelry pieces. Karen's products have been described as having an unpretentious, simplistic design aesthetic to them. The company's signature product is a range of toothbrush vases decorated with simple graphic patterns and line drawings. Some of the drawings are created by Karen's two children to ensure child-like authenticity. KopCup also offers a jewelry line made from porcelain clay.

Kopcup Case Study

It is really easy to add new products to the app. This is quite important since we change our products on a regular basis and some of our items are unique, once-off products.

Karen Skotte-Lund
Owner, KopCup

The goal - To sell products at trade fairs

Karen visits several large trade fairs during the course of the year. Transporting all of her products to these trade fairs is not always possible due to space and cost constraints. Karen needed a solution that would allow her to show off and sell her entire range of KopCup products. She needed something that would allow her to display all of the items in her various product lines as well as show all the many colour variations of each product without having to transport all of the items to events. She also wanted to be able to capture orders at the trade fairs that she could then fulfil once she was back home.

KopCup - App Product View

The result – A beautiful, simple-to-use trade fair app

Onsight provided Karen with a beautiful and simple-to-use mobile product catalogue app that she could install onto her iPad. Karen can now take only a few signature pieces with her to trade fairs. If a potential client wants to see something else not on display, she can show that item using the product catalogue on her iPad. Karen explains: "When you have an item that comes in many colors, it is very easy to show customers the other colors that the item is available in using the app." Karen can also capture orders directly on her app whilst she is interacting with the client. Orders are emailed to her Inbox so that she can process them once the event is over.

When Karen designs new products she can easily add new items to her catalogue. Since the Onsight electronic catalogue is so easy to modify, there is no need to worry about showing clients discontinued products or not being able to show customers the latest releases. If Karen decides to switch to an Android device or Windows device in future, she can easily take her catalogue with her since the Onsight app runs on all of those platforms seamlessly.

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