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The Media Collective is one of the more interesting businesses using Onsight. This design and print agency is based in Warwickshire in the UK and they help to make schools an inspiring place to learn in. How? With inspiring wall graphics and window graphics that brighten up the school surroundings whilst at the same time promoting a positive learning environment. The wall graphics are designed to inspire both students and staff and also help to create a great first impression for visitors to the school.

The Media Collective

[Onsight] has revolutionised our ability to sell our designs ... [and] has dramatically reduced the lag between the first meeting and a sale

Jez Currin

The requirement: How to showcase products

The physical products that are offered range from wall graphics to tension fabrics to magnetic displays. The Media Collective's unique designs are then printed on these physical media. The challenge that The Media Collective faced was how to showcase to schools their range of physical products and wide range of possible designs.

The Media Collective - Sales App

The solution: A photo-based product catalogue app

Jez Currin, Director at The Media Collective, decided to start using the Onsight app to load project photos into an image gallery that the sales team could view on an iPad. The Onsight app wasn't to be used as an ordering app but rather as a product catalogue app. Jez and the other app admins upload multiple photos of completed projects (since each project is usually very bespoke). The projects are then easily searchable and catalogued inside the app. Jez says that "this has revolutionised our ability to sell our designs to schools. We also try to link similar projects, but I often find it faster to use the product search function to search by product titles."

Jez and his team usually meet with head teachers or business managers to pitch their products. Whilst standing in the school they can quickly bring up any number of examples of recently completed work that might suit what the school is looking for. "The ability to have our entire portfolio of work in every meeting has dramatically reduced the lag between the first meeting and a sale because the client can see and agree the concept up front", concludes Jez.

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