How does GPS tracking and customer check-in work?

In our Onsight B2B Sales app, a sales rep can check in at a customer’s location on arrival and check out again on departure. The admin user can then monitor daily or weekly activities of the sales reps and see the rep’s visitation time and location on a map in the admin console.

Customer visits will be measured by duration and location.

A customer’s check-in location can be set to their billing or shipping address or even a specific location using GPS coordinates. The admin can also force sales rep to check in only within a certain distance of the customer’s location. If the sales rep is outside the required distance, then they will not be able to check in.


  • The Onsight app must have permissions to access the device’s location data.
  • The device must be connected to the Internet and location services must be enabled in order to check in.

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