What is an order template?

Onsight offers a customer-specific order template feature, which presents a pre-selected list of products that can be conveniently converted into an order or quote. This functionality is particularly beneficial for businesses that wish to provide a tailored product list for individual customers.

What are the key benefits of the Order Template feature?

1. Tailored product lists

  • Create templates for this month’s Specials
  • Create templates for seasonal products
  • Create templates for new products
  • Create a customer-specific template of frequently purchased products
  • Create a customer-specific template for weekly or monthly recurring orders
  • Create a customer-specific template for products that you want to recommend to the customer
  • Let your customers create a ‘My favorites’ list

2. Increased efficiency

  • Instead of adding each product to the cart one by one, you can open a template with pre-selected products, add or remove items, and then create an order/quote within seconds.
  • By using an order template to create your orders, you will never forget important products that you know the customer wants to buy

3. Error reduction

  • Minimize mistakes with pre-selected products and quantities


To utilize this feature, your device must meet the minimum requirements below:

iOS 11 or later
Android 5.0 or later


Contact the Onsight support team at [email protected] to activate this feature on your account.


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