The best apps for video calling

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With the coronavirus restricting people to their homes this year, face-to-face meetings have become almost non-existent. However, there is still the craving, or even a need, to talk to people that you work with. While you could call anyone you want, being able to put a face to the conversation can be quite invaluable. This is true not only from a business perspective but also for your personal lives. Thanks to video calling apps, you can do it quite easily. However, you must choose the right app for your purpose to get the best performance. Here are the top video calling apps that you can use, depending on your requirements and situation

Google Meet

If you are looking for a solution that provides group video calls and works seamlessly with Google services, the Google Meet app is a great option. A lot of businesses use the G Suite by Google and the Google Meet app fits that ecosystem perfectly. You can easily find this app right next to the Google Chat option in your account. For those looking for a standalone solution, the app is offered as its own separate app as well. However, for most people, the convenient way of using it is through G Suite directly.


Zoom has come out as the perfect tool for holding online meetings. It allows you to hold video conferences seamlessly while also letting you record your meetings for future viewing. Anyone can host a meeting and then invite people to join the meeting via a link that can be opened on virtually any mobile phone or computer. The tiled view is one of its best features as you get to see everyone who is in the meeting and see who is speaking. It is certainly worthy of the fame it has achieved during the coronavirus pandemic.


This is pretty much the original, fully mature video conferencing service that is available on virtually every device out there. The app provides all the functionality that Zoom provides in the form of group videos, multi-device access, and the ability to use the app without an account as well via Skype Meet Now. Thanks to being owned by Microsoft, it also has a lot of integration with the Microsoft ecosystem such as Office 365. There is a dedicated service for business users as well called Skype for Business which provides premium features and quality.


If you do not need all the fancy business features that some other video calling apps provide, then WhatsApp has everything you need. Since you most certainly have this app in your phone already, you can go ahead and call anyone you want in your contact list. The app not only lets you talk to individuals but also provides support for group calling with up to 8 participants. The app allows you to use other features during video calls and even lets you minimize if needed.


If you have an iPhone, chances are that you have already used the Facetime service. Provided exclusively to Apple users, you can use the Facetime app on both iOS and macOS. The only catch with this service is that it only works with Apple devices so anyone using a phone or PC outside their ecosystem will not be able to use Facetime. However, the exclusivity does allow Apple to provide a much superior video quality. You can also make group video calls and it is extremely easy to use as well.