How B2B sales reps can use automation to improve sales

Posted in Sales techniques and processes.

B2B sales reps play an important role in generating sales. However, a lot of tasks involved are quite menial or tedious. A sales rep’s importance mostly lies in their ability to engage with customers and generate leads. However, there are many other tasks that sales reps have to do and organise. These tasks get in the way of sales reps interacting with customers. Yes, these tasks are necessary for sales growth, but they don’t require the charismatic finesse that sales reps bring to the table.

Automation frees up these tasks from a sales reps to-do list so that they may focus more on high-value tasks like building relationships and closing deals. Even then, these high-value tasks can be streamlined and optimised via automation.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is one such way to automate sales processes. CRM software allows sales reps to track and manage leads, contacts, and deals in one central location. This sort of organisation allows sales reps to access all information about a particular customer through one access point, saving them time from searching through many different files or folders and sticky notes. CRM software also provides insights into leads and allows sales reps to efficiently plan their schedules. Furthermore, CRM software store details like customer behaviour and buying patterns that can augment a sales rep’s ability to tailor their approaches.

For deeper insights, data analytics software can be used to automate many of the analytical aspects of the sales process. By using these software tools that make use of a variety of factors that may take a person a few days to sift through, sales reps can boil down a whole day’s work into a simple process. Having this information at hand allows sales reps to make decisions faster. Additionally, data analytics software can keep track of a sales rep’s own performance, highlighting areas for improvement.

Furthermore, marketing automation software can handle the broader indirect sales generating tasks so that sales reps can handle the little details. These software can help sales reps to automate social media posts, email campaigns, and lead generation. Leaving administrative tasks to automation software opens up time to build customer relationships organically. Repetitive tasks like scheduling meetings and follow-up emails can also be automated.

An order management system (OMS) can automate repetitive processes such as order processing and tracking, inventory management, and invoicing. It also stores customer information as it pertains to purchase orders in one location. When these software are often used in real-time customer interactions, the ability to have relevant information on hand quickly becomes handy.


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