How can a field sales app improve your sales operations?

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Field sales are an essential part of how many companies sell their products. Sales reps are responsible for going out into the field to meet clients and selling to them directly.

But without the help of technology, your teams can run into problems like not being able to share important information quickly, having trouble keeping track of their customers, and not knowing the best areas to focus on.

Features of a field sales app

A good app for field sales teams has many features to support your field sales reps

Order taking and product viewing on the go

When a sales rep visits a customer, they can show them all the products they have to offer right on their phone or tablet. Customers can look at the latest items, prices, and even make a purchase on the spot.

When a customer says ‘yes’ to buying something, the sales rep can use the app to complete the order right then and there. There’s no need to go back to the office or make a phone call—it’s all done in a few taps.

This makes buying things really easy for the customer and helps sales reps to seal the deal quickly.

Real-time data access and reporting

It’s about having the latest news about products and customer details in their pocket. If a price changes or there’s a special deal, the app updates immediately, so the sales rep can share this with the customer during their chat.

At the end of the day, the app can quickly show what was sold, which customers were visited, or highlight the most popular products. This quick access to information means sales reps can make smart choices without having to wait or guess.

Performance analytics and dashboard

A field sales app comes with a special section that shows important numbers in a way that’s easy to understand. It can show things like how many sales a person makes, how big those sales are, or how long it takes to finish a sale.

This helps sales managers spot who’s doing really well and who might need more help or training. By looking at this regularly, managers have a better idea of what the whole team is doing and can figure out how to help them sell more effectively

Smart territory management

The app may help divide up areas among sales reps fairly, using facts like where customers live, how many sales could happen there, or past sales data.

This sorts out which sales rep covers which area by looking at things like where customers are and which areas could sell more, making sure areas are well-covered and not repeated.

Boosting sales with a field sales app

These apps are a goldmine of information, helping you see where sales chances are. By looking at customer histories and preferences, sales reps can spot patterns and tailor their product suggestions.

For example, by looking at what customers bought before and what they like, sales teams can offer more relevant products. This helps them sell additional related items or more complimentary products of what they’ve bought before.

Simplifying the workflow and reducing administrative work

The less time spent on admin, the more time for selling. Think about it: if a sales rep can save a day’s worth of paperwork every week, that’s a whole extra day they could be out there making sales.

The app cuts down on the need for lots of paperwork and other admin jobs. Allowing your reps to focus on other important sales activities that can boost your sales numbers or improve customer relationships.

Integration with other systems

Another important feature is that field sales apps work well with other systems, like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and accounting software.

This integration between sales apps and external systems is important because it helps keep all parts of a business connected and up-to-date.

When field sales apps connect to a CRM system, they make sure that any new customer information that sales reps enter into the app is also updated in the CRM. This means everyone has the latest info, making it easier to talk to customers and meet their needs.

By integrating with ERP systems, the app can show sales reps the newest details about products, like how many are in stock or what they cost. Which helps them sell better because they know exactly what they can offer customers right then and there.

For accounting, when a sales rep makes a sale, the app sends the sales order automatically to the accounting software without extra manual data entry.

From here your accounting staff can easily simply generate invoices from the accounting system to send out accurate mistake free invoices. This keeps the money side of things organised and helps make sure bills go out quickly.

Field sales apps are also made to work well with other special software your company might use. They use something called APIs, which are like special bridges, to let different software talk to each other and share information.

By putting all these systems together, the app makes sales teams’ jobs easier. They don’t have to worry about mixing up information because it all says the same thing.

Plus, it means they can focus more on selling and keeping customers happy, without getting stuck on paperwork. All of this helps a business run better and can lead to making more sales.

Customer engagement and retention

Everyone likes to feel special, and that’s exactly what a field sales app can help sales reps do for their customers. The app helps sales reps keep better track of their meetings and follow-ups with customers.

This means they can offer a service that feels more personal to each customer. Happy customers often lead to more sales and customers staying with the company for longer. In this way, sales apps help improve customer engagement.

So, how does a field sales app improve your sales operations?

To summarise, a field sales app streamlines your team’s work by keeping everything organised and up to date. It’s like a helpful assistant that remembers all the details, figures out who should sell where, and cuts out the paperwork.

This lets your sales reps focus on what they do best—building relationships and closing deals. By making their jobs easier and helping them connect with customers in a better way, a field sales app is key to boosting sales and growing your business.
It’s a smart move for any company looking to sell smarter and keep their customers happy.

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