Why you should mobile-enable your sales reps

Posted in Sales team management.

If you are already a customer of Onsight, you will already know how beneficial it is for your sales reps to have a mobile device and mobile apps to support their selling. However, if you’re still on the fence about whether going mobile is going to add value for your sales team, take a look at all of these great benefits that you’ll get by going mobile:


Multiple team members have the same information on hand at any particular moment in time because everything is kept in the cloud. Any update made to the system by a team member will reflect on the other team members’ app. Information is shared between team members and misinformation is kept to a minimum. If one person inputs incorrect information, everyone else can see it and rectify the mistake easily. Collaboration is very important in a situation where employees work away from the office on a regular basis.

Sales discussion becomes mobile

When using a tablet or other mobile device, you have the ability to have a sales conversation with your colleagues and clients anywhere that is convenient for you. People do not have to visit your office to find out information or discuss a potential client. You can show orders you have placed or quotes you have drawn up by simply accessing the mobile sales app from a mobile device.

Creates proximity

The use of a tablet or other mobile device usually necessitates that you get close to whoever you are demonstrating or explaining a product to. Proximity has the potential to create good customer relationships. A tablet is light and handheld with the screen still being large enough for two or more people to comfortably view your electronic catalogue. Proximity can make a client feel closer to you (in a professional manner, of course), which in turn helps them to trust you more than they would someone with a standoffish approach.

Streamline operations

The cloud is a wonderful tool for creating an organised environment. Streamlining operations involves using one app or tool to do many things that are usually done individually. The Onsight mobile sales app is one of these all-in-one tools. You can use it to take orders, create quotes, download the latest copy of a product catalogue, create an electronic catalogue, store contacts, review daily sales operations and more. A mobile sales app thus saves you time by putting many functions into one (no going back-and-forth with multiple systems). It also saves you money by avoiding the purchase of multiple software programs while one mobile sales app can do the job just as well.


Having a mobile sales app as part of your sales strategy allows you to focus on the client more than on the sale itself. All of the paperwork you usually keep separate is put into one convenient system which allows you to forget about keeping everything together and instead TALK to the client. Engagement can also take place when you get the client involved in looking at the screen, handpicking from product images they see and allowing them to see how you place their orders. Clients can even get the opportunity to slide through products themselves. This feels more intimate than a (usually) impersonal sales presentation.

Manage customer relationships

A mobile sales app tool that allows you to keep track of clients and their connections to your company (like Onsight does), will help maintain customer relationships more easily. Clients will feel wanted if they realise that you remember (with a little assistance) that they ordered specific products or looked at certain products more frequently than others. If clients consistently have to repeat themselves then you seem to look less professional and interested in them as a client.

Access on the move

Since all of your information is compacted into the cloud, you have access to all of your important documents while you are on the way to clients or already at their offices. When a client needs to see a particular product and its images, you already have it on your mobile device (something you should keep with you at all times). If you want to place an order, you can access the form you need to complete, get the information and place it immediately. If you want to look up a contact, an electronic address book is on your person at all times. All of these things can be accessed when you use a mobile sales app without some form of chaos ensuing.

Improve team’s outward image

When you have a synchronised team all using the same system (such as a mobile sales app) when meeting with clients, it lends itself to an image of professionalism. It shows that you are well-organised, in sync with each other and ahead of the times. When you move alongside technological developments (and mobile apps are the forefront of technology), you are more trusted by clients to provide them the same great product innovations as what you are using. When each team member carries with them a tatty, outdated paper catalogue or files that are falling apart, it seems unprofessional and not trustworthy. If a sales team seems disorganised, how will their products and client service be?