Some article ideas for your business blog

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Blogs can be a good way to develop a brand or improve business SEO. Blogs can be a way to engage with your target market or even solidify you as an expert in your field. Whichever way you choose to focus your blog posts, it will result in increased traffic and possibly engagement. When it comes to writing blogs, any sort of topic is on the table, but you may want to attract a specific group of readers – perhaps those that are most likely to consider your products or services after visiting your site! If you are struggling to come up with some ideas however, here are some you might want to consider…

Write articles centred around your product or service

A business blog should serve the business. If that is through highlighting what your business offers, then there are a variety of different ways to do so.

  • Explain how your product or service works. Making tutorials can really help those that may struggle to use your product or service.
  • Discuss misconceptions about your product or service. If there are many misconceptions about how a product is used, you could address this.
  • Discuss new developments with regards to your product or service. Not only does this keep customers updated on anything new, but it also shows how you are improving your product or service and even how much feedback you take into consideration.

Write articles centred around your industry

If you want to attract people that would most likely be interested in your business, writing about interesting things in your industry is the most likely way to attract those kinds of readers. These kinds of articles can showcase your own knowledge about your field as well as be used as a platform to show how your business fits into the grand scheme of things.

  • Debunk or prove common myths in your industry. Provide your own sort of evidence that helps to support your point, or contrast two different points and weigh them each.
  • Discuss current industry trends. Interesting developments in an industry readers are invested in generally piques their interest, but adding in how your business is adapting to it could serve to bolster your brand’s image.
  • Conversely, detail the history of your industry. This adds on to your business’s credible expertise.

Write articles that review things

To further engage with your audience or showcase your expertise in a field, you can use reviews as a way to provide your own unique insights to things as well as provide recommendations to others for the things that may have changed your outlook.

  • Review non-competitive products. You do not want to freely advertise a competitor’s products nor do you want to outright say anything bad about them. Thus, if there is anything you would like to review, review products that do not compete with you.
  • Give book recommendations. Books relevant to your industry may interest your readers who probably have a similar interest. Beyond just recommending good books, you may also opt to provide your own opinion on why said book deserves recommendation.
  • Post a case study. While not a review per se, case studies provide another way for you to share your insights into things. They can be used to showcase positive interactions with your customers or major mistakes in your industry. Addressing your own mistakes could also fit in here if you detail how you plan to move past it.