Three quick ways to boost B2B productivity

Posted in Sales team management.

The B2B industry is finding themselves in ever challenging territory. With customers having instant online access to a myriad of information relating to your business, from customer service ratings to product specs and bundle offers, there really is no room for error. B2B customers are looking for great service and delivery each and every time, which is why a productive and efficient sales team is vital to your business’ success. Luckily, there are ways to boost B2B productivity and to ensure efficiency as well as accuracy across the board. Business insiders advise that improving key areas leads to greater productivity and sales in general. Let’s explore some options:

Updating your sales process

Many B2B businesses are still reliant on sales funnel models such as AIDA, where a prospect is moved from awareness to interest to desire to action. Albeit a good model to follow, an article in the Harvard Business Review (“What salespeople need to know about the new B2B landscape”) is of the opinion that B2Bs need to update their processes to function in a less sequential way. They argue that, in reality, the process naturally follows a more parallel route than the theory would suggest. Thus, understanding where your prospects are in the process and offering them what they need at each instance would be of greater help to them and your sales team.

Additionally, your sales team is still your biggest asset in terms of turning prospects into customers and as such should be allowed to address issues as they come up, even if that means not following the process rigorously.

Sales tools at the ready

Once you have inspected how you address your sales process and any relating issues, there are a range of different sales tools to enhance productivity amongst your sales team.

A top priority should be to acquire adequate CRM software best suited to your B2B business. Having a CRM software system in place is an excellent way in which your sales team can track leads. It also allows them to input key data as well as keep up to date with sales progression throughout the entire sales process. This will allow them to instantly recognise key indicators and take action accordingly.

Similarly, having a mobile-enabled sales team is vital going forward. Equipping your sales team with up-to-date and current mobile tools, such as a sales app, will inevitably boost productivity.

A mobile sales app enhances efficiency and reliability by minimising the need for manual tasks such as order taking and quote generation. In turn, it reduces errors and saves valuable time. It should be a key tool in your sales team’s arsenal, and in addition, should allow them to work efficiently from anywhere.

Online versus in-person interaction

The HBR article (mentioned above) further suggests that B2Bs shouldn’t waste time pondering over which sales route, online or in-person, is best. Instead, it suggests that for sales teams in the B2B sphere to become more productive and efficient, businesses should simply do both.

Sales reps are an essential part of the process and how they choose to interact with potential buyers should not be dictated. The path they choose to follow should be a combination of both digital and human interaction; the one does not trump the other. By allowing your sales team to come up with what suits each individual buyer best will allow for greater interaction and as such boost sales productivity.