5 Habits of successful sales reps

Posted in Personal development.

There is no denying that everybody has individual preferences and what works for one person might not work for another. Nevertheless, there are some common habits that successful sales reps generally share. It may not be an exact match, but these habits may prove to be helpful in your career. Try them out for yourself.

1. They plan their days smartly and adhere to those plans

Having some leeway in your daily schedule is important when needing to account for unforeseen circumstances. Successful sales reps already account for this in their schedules. How are they able to stick to their schedules while also remaining efficiently flexible? Think of your schedule as made up of blocks of tasks rather than blocks of time periods. It is almost like a puzzle. If times need to be extended or things need to be shifted around, then it is much easier to stick to your schedule while still remaining faithful to your plans.

What should be done is only one layer, however. The other is when they should be done. Different people are more productive at different times during the day while certain tasks are done more effectively at different times of the day. The trick is to find the perfect time when both of those times overlap.

2. They spend work hours being productive

Many successful sales reps prefer to schedule their weeks instead of their days, so for instance, Monday is for cold calls, Tuesday is for networking, Wednesday is for prospecting, and so on and so forth. No matter how they choose to schedule their time, they fill in dead time with activities that benefit their work.

They look through their live opportunities to verify the next step in their process. This keeps the prospect fresh in their minds and allows them to determine the right approach in the background. If there is no next step, then this gives them a reason to come up with one to continue the momentum. Successful sales reps are always maintaining relationships.

It is important that successful sales reps are generally stringent with their time. Schedules matter a lot and any deviations from it or additions to it need to be worth the effort. Saying no more often than not allows sales reps to avoid becoming a doormat or a glorified assistant. As a matter of fact, dedicate your time to only those things that net you money. Anything that does not directly affect your own work should be regarded as clutter and removed.

3. They are always improving

Even at the end of the day when things tend to slow down, successful sales reps are taking stock of their day, analysing how they can improve. They may record snippets of their sales calls and ask colleagues for advice. Successful sales reps are open to hearing differing opinions and views. After all, it is only the amateur that only sees how far they have come while ignoring how far they are yet to go. Podcasts are a great way to receive news and insights while not actively engaged in work.

4. They take care of their health

An unhealthy body is an unhealthy mind. It is therefore essential that successful sales reps maintain both their physical and mental health so that they can provide the most amount of productivity in their work.

Mornings are spent with a quick exercise and breakfast to invigorate the body. They may even bring a prospect or a colleague with. As always, do things that benefit your work. Successful sales reps are always maintaining relationships whether it is with coworkers or prospects.

At night, sleep is integral. With good sleep, we are able to increase our productive output with a few changes to our daily life. A lack of sleep can lead to impaired concentration, irritability, and loss of memory. It is no wonder that successful sales reps recommend having a good sleep schedule in order to be successful.

5. Even successful sales reps value rest

Team building is important, but it does not always have to take place in a work setting. Functions and events are great ways to build relationships while also providing much needed relief from the stressors of work.

Even with a busy schedule crammed between layers of back-to-back meetings, successful sales reps know to take a breather – catch a coffee break or something. There is no use in being chaotic and frizzled and going to work. Your performance will be greatly impacted and it can lead to possible burnout. Successful sales reps know that tackling work with a refreshed and confident attitude is how work best gets done.

The savviest sales reps might even kill two birds with one stone, inviting business prospects to lunch or a game of foosball. After all, there is no reason why free time cannot be productive. Be warned though, there is a fine line between productive free time and overworking.