The benefits of integrating your accounting system with a sales app

Posted in Business and entrepreneurship.

As your business expands the need for more applications to handle different areas of your business becomes unavoidable. You might already be using a smart mobile sales app and an accounting system such as MYOB or QuickBooks, but why not integrate the two to optimise sales performance?

More and more businesses are integrating their accounting systems with their sales apps with very successful outcomes. Whether you’re using MYOB, QuickBooks or some other accounting system, integration holds many advantages, especially for an overworked sales team. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits:

Speedy and instant order taking

Integration will optimise work efficiency by doing away with unnecessary copying of paperwork and details. It significantly cuts the time it takes to process orders.

An integrated mobile sales app allows your field sales reps to take orders right in front of clients. There is no filing of paperwork and no phoning up head office to check on stock levels. The turnaround time from taking the order to order confirmation is almost instantaneous.

Further pros are the automatic email confirmations sent to the client as well as head office, where order processing can begin immediately. An added benefit is the speed at which invoices can be sent out. Users that have integrated their accounting systems found that invoicing, and also payments, happens much faster compared to old paper-based systems.

No more errors

With old paper filing systems human errors are unavoidable. With an on-the-go order system handling of sensitive data becomes easier and the whole process more streamlined. A mobile sales app with integration allows for orders to be sent automatically from the sales app ready for processing. There is no duplication of data, no fuss. If you use your accounting system for invoicing, reporting, and expenses, then having it integrated with your sales app will not only make your whole system more efficient, it will also save costs and time. The hassle gets taken out of invoicing, and real-time data allows you to track customers’ orders and accounts history. Field sales reps can update orders easily on the road, all the time keeping customers happy.

Real-time financial status

When you run multiple applications that are not integrated you inevitably end up with overlapping databases. This makes sourcing real-time financial reports time-consuming and tedious. With integration, all financial data – sales reports, profit and loss accounts, budget analysis, etc. – are instantly collated in a centralised location. You can identify areas where the business is succeeding and the areas which needs improving. This makes for quick and easy viewing of relevant information in the office or on the road. Instead of having to go back and forth between different reports and lists, field sales reps will greatly benefit from integration as it will save them both time and effort. An integrated mobile sales app is an invaluable tool that field sales reps can rely on to keep them focused, and on the right track, while out on the road.