Win over clients and secure new deals

Posted in Sales techniques and processes.

When it comes to sales performance and securing new deals, there are a certain number of things your sales team can implement to boost sales. Often it is the small things that we forget about that hinders sales performance. Let’s remind ourselves how to win over important new clients and which common mistakes are best avoided:

Home in on your target market

First off, remind yourself exactly who your target market is. Don’t waste time on clients that fall outside of this market, you will only waste precious resources and not only your own time but also those of others. When rediscovering your target market, ask yourself what benefits prospective clients can gain from using your products. Then, refocus all your energy and resources on pursuing ‘true’ prospects.

Don’t be emotional

In B2B business there is often more than one decision maker so don’t use an emotional sales angle that is aimed at only one person. Even if you do make some headway on one influencer remember that the ultimate decision will be made by a group of people and not just one individual. It pays to be business savvy and to know your business inside out. This is where our next point comes into play…

Rely on the numbers

Rather than trying to sweet talk your way through a sales pitch, concentrate on the numbers. Base your sales technique on hard facts and how your products or services can boost revenue for your client. Show them where important cuts can be made and how your products can help them save money in the long run. This is what both parties are after – cutting costs and increasing profitability. If you are cheaper than a rival company, show them how you are cutting costs and how they will ultimately benefit from this. Remember to also show that, despite your cost-cutting methods, your product is of great quality as well as reliable.

Be the solution

Demonstrate to your prospective new client how your product or services can be utilised to solve an existing problem that they have. Again, here it is important to show them stats and figures on how they will save money by opting to use your company. Utilise clever tools like product demos or a professional-looking electronic product catalogue to demonstrate exactly how your products can prevent or overcome problems. Be the solution that your clients have been searching for.

Be available

From the moment you make contact with a prospective new buyer, ensure you leave all number of different ways to get in touch with you. In instances where you may be unavailable, reassure them that they can trust that their queries and problems will still be dealt with in your absence. As soon as you are back, inform your clients, and ask if they need to meet with you. A good client relationship relies on trust and transparency. Remember to always provide great customer service, not just when looking to secure a deal. Customer service and after-care is vital in securing and maintaining long-standing client relationships.