Why you should start using order management software today

Posted in Electronic product catalogues.

Order management software is essential for businesses who want to increase both their efficiency and mobility. This software allows you to shorten the ordering process while gaining greater control of the information coming in and going out. Aside from these benefits, you will find that the following are all compelling reasons to start using order management software today:

Sense of ownership for customers

The products you sell will eventually be owned by your customers so it makes sense that they will want to know what’s happening with their order as it is being created. Order management software allows customers to physically see information being entered into the ordering process. It also provides the customer with the ability to make changes on the spot, without the customer needing to jump through hoops after an order has been placed, which is often the case.

Better customer service

Not only does order management software make the lives of sales reps much easier and day-to-day business operations more efficient, it also increases customer satisfaction levels. When customers see their orders being entered in front of their eyes, they get immediate gratification as well as a sense of ease at knowing things are progressing. By using order management software the customer automatically receives an order confirmation email as soon as the order is placed.

The customer doesn’t have to deal with giving information repeatedly to the sales rep. With order management software their information is entered once at the first order and then stored for future use, taking away a potentially irritating ordering hurdle. By eliminating the need to first refer back to head office before an order can be placed (as is often the case with companies that don’t use order management software) ensures that sales reps can put more emphasis on quality customer service.

Increased control of data

When data passes through too many steps to get to the end goal, i.e. order placement, there is a higher chance of misunderstandings and errors occurring. Order management software reduces the steps from order creation to delivery through automation. Fewer steps not only reduce errors and increases control but also aids in secure data because it passes through fewer hands. You don’t have to wait until data gets to a certain point (when it might be too late) to be reviewed or amended. Also, if you’re integrating your accounting software (which is highly recommended), you gain even more control of the data that is processed.

Data analysis made easier

Having to sift through endless paperwork makes it much more difficult to collate different pieces of information into something that makes sense. When an order is processed through order management software, certain pieces of information is automatically captured and stored. Information such as what products are purchased, quantities, discounts, who processed what orders, delivery and order dates, and vital customer information, are recorded and stored for analysis.

All of this information might seem insignificant to some but they are essential in helping you improve how you do business and also inspire customer loyalty. For example, matching up delivery dates on order forms and actual delivery dates can tell you whether delivery is on time or needs improvement. Seeing what certain customers order most regularly can help sales reps provide timely follow-ups or give suggestions based on their needs.

Order from anywhere

No matter where your sales reps find themselves, they can place an order with only their preferred mobile device on hand. This adds convenience to the laundry list of benefits for both your business and customers. Customers like to be catered to and by bringing the order process to them in a simplified manner that doesn’t waste their valuable time once again ups customer satisfaction levels.

Time- and cost-saving

These are probably the most obvious benefits of using order management software. Less physical paperwork means less paper is being used and costs go down on something that is ultimately unnecessary. This also means that sales reps spend less time filling in tedious paperwork. All customer and order information is captured straight into the system and automatically sent to both the head office and the customer for immediate processing. Therefore, instead of a sales rep needing to go back to head office to complete the order, they can simply move on to the next customer – more appointments can be made in less time because of this. Additionally, the elimination of manual entry equals a sharp decrease in errors (as mentioned previously) and that means your company is saved from rectifying potentially costly ordering mistakes. Evidently, order management software works wonders in simplifying and streamlining the ordering process.

Easy access to information

Order management software provides easy access to information for all relevant parties in one convenient location. With an automated storage system like this there is no need for sales reps to call back to the office or pore through spreadsheets if additional information is required. Product information no longer resides in often outdated paper catalogues that can only be in possession of one person at a time. A mobile app ensures that new information entered is synced in real time and available for processing immediately. Turnaround time is reduced which ultimately leads to happy customers and more free time to improve other areas of your business.