6 ways an electronic catalogue can boost sales

Posted in Electronic product catalogues.

If you are still using a paper catalogue you may be missing out on a lot of benefits you can only get from electronic catalogues:

1)  Real-time updates

An up-to-date catalogue is of the utmost importance when dealing with customers on a regular basis. An electronic catalogue ensures that product updates can be performed quickly and with ease by anyone with access. These updates do not cost your business anything since there is no printing or ink involved. Printing a paper catalogue can take a lot of time and it is especially frustrating if it needs to be printed when only one new product has been added. The time it takes to print a new catalogue can also cost you sales.

2)  Environmentally friendly

If being eco-friendly is a concern for your business then an electronic catalogue is the way to go. No paper is used in creating an electronic catalogue and thus no trees need to be cut down to provide that paper. It is especially wasteful to use paper if you know you will be printing a new catalogue every few months or so and throwing the other, outdated ones out. There is also the additional bonus of saving money because there is no need to buy reams of paper.

3)  Cloud storage

A singular paper catalogue can only be in one place at a time. If that paper catalogue is somehow lost or forgotten somewhere else, it cannot be used. When it comes to an electronic catalogue, all information is usually stored in the cloud. Should the device that the electronic catalogue is stored on be lost or forgotten, the information will still be there in the cloud to be showcased on another device.

4)  Easy sharing and distribution

Electronic catalogues are easy to share. If a client needs information about a product to show to their superior or a colleague, it can be done with little effort. With a paper catalogue you cannot tear out a page and simply give it to a client. It is far more complicated to duplicate a paper catalogue to share for one-time use. The distribution costs that go along with sharing an entire paper catalogue with a client can also be significant, no matter whether you mail it or physically go to their offices to deliver it.

5)  Accuracy

Using an electronic catalogue can help you take more accurate orders from clients. When going the traditional paperwork route, orders are often fulfilled away from the client’s gaze. If you have an electronic catalogue from which you can place orders, the client can see exactly what you are doing while you are doing it. Thus no misunderstandings can occur and one can double-check with the client that what you have entered is indeed correct.

6)  Consistency

The processing of orders when using an electronic catalogue is also much more consistent. The electronic catalogue guides you through the process and certain steps aren’t allowed before one can move on to the next. When processing orders using a traditional paper trail, there is much more human error involved. A person may misread an order amount or even the order itself, and may skip a step that is vital to getting delivery done correctly.

7)  Better customer relationships

Electronic catalogue facilitates a more direct relationship between the company and the client. Decision-making becomes faster overall and the company can respond much quicker to any new market demands.

8)  Increased reach

Paper catalogues restrict the geographic reach of your business. With electronic catalogues it is much easier to share products with clients that reside overseas. Technology brings people that live on opposite ends of the world together and no doubt this will lead to an increase in sales as well as an increase in the size of the customer base.

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