Even small businesses can keep employees happy

Posted in Business and entrepreneurship.

There are plenty of resources out there which provide great little tips on boosting happiness in the workplace; advice such as providing workers with amazing benefits, and offering Google-style break rooms complete with pool tables and ball pits. The problem, of course, is that these tips just aren’t practical for budget-conscious small businesses, no matter how much fun an on-site ball pit would be!

So, here are 3 tips for boosting employee happiness that are simple for small businesses to implement:

1. Be Open

Although aspects such as complete financial transparency may not be completely suitable for small businesses, being open and honest with employees is one of the key contributors to workplace happiness. In fact, being upfront about business news is a great way to shoot down office gossip, and provides a level playing field where everyone feels as though they’re valued by the company. There are many ways to improve communications between management and employees, such as publishing regular workplace newsletters, holding frequent meetings, and using collaboration technology such as Slack.

2. Own It

Being a small business isn’t always easy, but don’t just roll over and accept defeat. Own it! In fact, embracing your stance as a small business is a great way to keep your employees happy. Many happy people working for small companies say that the small size of the firm plays a big role in their workplace satisfaction. Small businesses have plenty of benefits to offer their employees that aren’t big or flashy or expensive: the chance to see how their efforts make a difference, being rewarded for their work, and opportunities for career development.

3. Get Structured

Does your business have a solid organisational structure? If not, then it’s time to make one. Even small businesses need to have some sort of hierarchy (although it may not be quite as strict as that of a larger business) if they want to ensure they’re doing the best for the employees. Why? Because having a documented structure shows employees their career development path, and demonstrates that it’s possible for them to progress. Aiming for a specific goal can really have a strong impact upon workplace satisfaction, and there’s an added bonus of making it easier for you to recruit the right people, too.

Employee Happiness is Key to Success

Why should small businesses be focusing on employee happiness? Because it’s key for overall success. Workplace satisfaction can really help to boost employee retention rates, minimising hiring costs, improving your business reputation, and ensuring your key staff are around to help you to grow.