Integrating a sales apps with Zoho to improve sales

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Zoho Books is a popular accounting program that works great for small to medium-sized companies. It’s user-friendly and adaptable. As companies get bigger, they often need better tools to manage their money.

When you connect other sales apps to Zoho Books, it can really boost your sales and accounting work.

This blog post will talk about how connecting sales apps with Zoho Books can make your sales run smoother by sharing key financial details. It will also explain how this can make your overall business more productive and efficient.

Why integrate a sales app with Zoho?

Integrating a sales app with Zoho Books provides lots of benefits that make your business run smoother and work more efficiently. Here’s a simple breakdown of how connecting your sales app with Zoho Books can help:

Easy and accurate data flow

The main advantage of linking your sales app with Zoho Books is that it automatically updates your records. When a sale is made, details like how much was spent, who the customer is, and other important information are instantly recorded in your accounting system. This quick update helps prevent mistakes and keeps your records up-to-date.

Better integration with business operations

When you integrate your sales app, it does more than just handle sales data. It also connects with other parts of your business:

  • Inventory management: When you connect your sales app with your inventory system, it automatically keeps track of how much stock you have left every time a sale is made. This helps your sales team know exactly what’s available and prevents selling items that aren’t in stock, ensuring smooth operations and happy customers.
  • Customer information: Any updates you make to customer details in your sales app/or Zoho Books – depending on how your integration is set up – will automatically update to be the same across both platforms. This means all your customer information stays consistent and correct across all your systems.
  • Product details: Whenever you update product descriptions or pricing in your system, these changes appear in your sales app’s catalogue. This ensures your sales team always has the latest information about products, which can help improve their sales interactions with customers.

Less admin work, more productivity

By automating the flow of information between your sales app and Zoho Books, you cut down on manual tasks like entering data, processing orders, and managing inventory.

With less admin work to handle, your team can focus on more important things like talking to customers, coming up with better sales strategies, and growing into new markets. Being more productive can help you adapt quickly to changes in the market and meet your customers’ needs better, giving your business an edge over competitors.

Better experience for everyone

Integrating your sales app with Zoho Books makes things easier for both your staff and your management team. Your sales team can access the most current product catalogues and customer information right on their mobile devices, helping them make better sales decisions when they’re out in the field.

For managers, this integration provides clear views into sales patterns, how much inventory you have, and what customers are doing. This information is crucial for making smart decisions and planning strategies.

Ultimately, linking your sales app with Zoho Books not only simplifies how your data is handled and reduces the amount of routine work but also ties together key parts of your business, increasing overall effectiveness. This move can really help improve your company’s operations and lead to significant growth and success.

All your sales info in one spot

By connecting Zoho Books with your sales apps, it creates one central place for everything related to sales. This includes taking care of customer interactions, handling sales tasks easily, and looking over data.

Having all sales information together helps your business pull out helpful insights which can lead to smarter decisions. This setup not only keeps things running smoothly but also enhances how well your business can sell, showcasing a clear picture of your company’s health.

Faster, and better with automation

Linking sales apps with Zoho Books automates a lot of the usual sales tasks like making invoices and keeping track of inventory.

This automation helps speed up the sales process, enabling your business to quickly respond to what customers need. Furthermore, this connection improves how well your sales and accounting teams work together, making sure everyone is on the same page with up-to-date and clear financial information.

Steps in connecting a sales app with Zoho Books using the Onsight app

Connecting a sales app with Zoho Books can make your sales and accounting tasks both smoother and more accurate. Here’s an basic outline on the process of linking a sales app like Onsight with Zoho Books:

Understand your business needs: Before you connect any software, think about what your business needs. Consider how big your business is, the specific needs of your industry, and which parts of your sales process could use some improvement. Find out what’s missing in your current system and what features would really help your business.

Choose the right sales app: Choose a sales app that suits your needs. There are many apps available, each designed to help with different tasks such as managing customer relationships, keeping track of inventory, and processing orders. For example, the Onsight b2b sales app is excellent for businesses that require strong tools for mobile sales teams needing to create sales orders on the go with a digital catalogue for showcasing products and inventory management.

Get API keys: To connect your chosen sales app with Zoho Books, you need API keys. These keys are special codes that ensure safe communication between different software. Usually, the company that provides your sales app will give you these API keys.

Set up the connection: With your API keys ready, your sales app company will help you connect to Zoho Books by entering the API details in your configuration settings by collaborating with you to go through the steps needed to link the API. This step makes sure that information can move smoothly between your sales app and Zoho Books.

Customise fields and workflow: Adjust the integration to fit how your business works. This might involve linking data fields between the sales app and Zoho Books so that sales numbers, customer information, and inventory levels are consistent. Fine-tune the workflows to ensure a smooth changeover between systems.

Test the integration: Test the connection thoroughly before fully putting it into use will be a vital step. The data will be checked to ensure that it is syncing correctly between the sales app and Zoho Books. This makes sure no information is lost or wrongly interpreted, thereafter any problems found will be fixed.

Deploy and monitor: After testing, start using the integration throughout your business. Teach your team how to use the new system properly. Keep an eye on the integration to solve any issues quickly and adjust things as your business grows.

Once your sales app provider has completed these steps, you will have successfully integrated your chosen sales app with your Zoho Books account, improving the accuracy and efficiency of your business operations.

Best practices and tips for managing integrations

When you connect a sales app with Zoho Books, here are some simple tips and best practices to make sure it works smoothly:

  • Keep systems updated: Always check for updates to your sales app. Updates can add new features that make the app work better and ensure it fits well with Zoho Books.
  • Train your team: Make sure your sales and accounting teams know how to use the systems together. Regular training helps them work more effectively and make the most of the new tools.
  • Troubleshoot proactively: Set up a system to keep an eye on the integration. This way, you can quickly spot and fix any issues before they affect your business.

Following these tips will help keep things running smoothly between Zoho Books and your connected sales app, which can improve your business’s overall performance.

CasesStudy: Colossal Diamond Tools

To show the real benefits of connecting sales apps with Zoho Books, let’s look at a specific example. This case study shows how one company used these integrations to boost their efficiency, improve the accuracy of their data, and make their sales process smoother.

Their experience helps us understand how powerful such integration can be and why it’s important for businesses that want to improve their sales and accounting systems. Let’s explore the story of Colossal Diamond Tools, a company that faced common industry challenges but found clever ways to overcome them through smart technology use.

Colossal Diamond Tools, a company specialising in diamond cutting and drilling tools, had difficulties updating sales information in real time and effectively managing orders during fieldwork. To solve these problems, they integrated the Onsight app with Zoho Books. This integration allowed for instant updates on sales data and inventory levels.

As a result, their field sales representatives could access the most current product details and stock information on their mobile devices, which let them place accurate orders directly from client sites. The impact of this integration was significant. It led to faster order processing and more accurate data entry, which reduced errors and improved customer satisfaction.

Additionally, it simplified processes, easing the workload on back-office staff and freeing them up to focus on other important tasks. Overall, this integration boosted operational efficiency, enhanced customer service, and supported the growth of Colossal Diamond Tools. This case highlights the major benefits that integrating sales apps with financial systems like Zoho Books can bring to a business.

The take-away

Integrating sales apps with Zoho Books isn’t just about making technical tweaks; it’s a strategic decision that strengthens your team, enhances the accuracy of your data, and makes your operations smoother, all of which help improve your business’s performance.

By syncing sales and accounting activities, you not only speed up the sales process but also gain important insights that can propel your business towards greater success and growth. Following recommended steps and good practices ensures that integrating these systems is both effective and beneficial.

This leads to a more connected and efficient sales setup. Integrating a sales app with Zoho isn’t just a small improvement—it’s a vital strategy for your business.

Onsight is a mobile app that enables sales reps to access up-to-date product information and create orders on the go—even offline. By integrating Onsight with Zoho Books, you simplify how you manage data and boost your operational efficiency, making it easier to handle invoices without all the manual work. If you’re interested in seeing how this could help your business, you can sign up to try a free trial of Onsight where we can link to your account.